Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adding Solar, Part 4: More Changes!

Well, things keep changing daily on the energy front here in Reynoldsburg. I just received this letter from AEP-Energy, which explains that due to the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio), the transmission charges that were part of the rate quoted to the city will be shifting to AEP-Ohio. Or at least, "certain transmission services" will be charged by AEP-Ohio, and none by AEP-Energy. (The three biggest categories within our electric bill are generation, transmission, and distribution.)

While this shouldn't much affect the finances of our photovoltaic system, it does complicate my construction of a spreadsheet to track the monies saved from our residential generation. The bill I'm about to receive will use the AEP-Energy rate that includes transmission charges, the June bill will also, but the July bill will have a rebate for the transmission charges between June 1 and the meter-reading date! If I read this all correctly ...